Withdrawals are about as easy, if not easier than deposits. If you deposited via card, you request a withdraw via card too. Simply insert the amount you wish to withdraw and click the green button below. If you deposited via wire, provide the broker with your bank details and wait between 3-7 business days to see the funds return to your bank account.

Terms and conditions of withdrawals:

Withdrawal Terms

Capital Way Group is your chosen brokerage company, providing you with all your financial requirements.
Your withdrawals are completely liquid to you at all times.
The minimum withdrawal amount is 50€

Credit Card Withdrawal

Seeing as how we abide by laws and regulation, withdrawals via cc go directly back to the same credit card that the transaction was made from and only to the sole owner of the credit card.

Bank Transfer Withdrawal

Again, according to laws and regulations, withdrawals via wire transfers are returned directly back to the sole bank account holder, and directly back to the same account from which the wire was made from.

Please note: It is prohibited to transfer funds to a third party of any kind.

Before making your withdrawal (first time only) please make sure to first upload the necessary documents:

1. Proof of residential address: this should be a copy of a Utility Bill (ex: electricity, water, internet bills or bank statements and city council fee payments) This Utility Bill must be relevant and reflect a physical address from the past 3 months/current
2. A copy of a government-issued ID (identification): this could be a valid (non-expired) passport, driver’s license or ID card.
3. A copy of the credit card/debit card you used to make your deposit from. Make sure to hide the first 12 digits, and only show the last 4 on the front of the card.
4. Proof that the bank account to which you are requesting to withdraw to is indeed yours. Provide a bank statement to confirm that the account name and address match your Capital Way Group account.


Capital Way Group does not charge any deposit fees or service fees. (Be aware your bank may charge you additional fees) CWG is not responsible for any additional personal bank fees that may occur.

We check each withdrawal request manually, there are no automatic withdrawals. Withdrawal fees are as follows:

1. A withdrawal once in a quarter of your funds and/ or profits are completely free of charge
2. A withdrawal more than once in a quarter (within the same quarter) incurs a bank fee of 40€. This fee will be deducted automatically from the withdrawal.
3. A withdrawal that is split into two channels (credit/debit card and wire transfer) will incur a bank fee of 40€. This fee will be deducted automatically from the withdrawal. Trading account closure during a case of open positions at a loss

In the event, IF the client chooses to close his trading account while there are open positions at a loss of more than 50 euros, and in practice, the client forces the account’s closure at a loss for his own reasons, CWG will operate in the following manner:

A Capital Way representative (who receives a notification of every deposit/ withdrawal) will contact the client to explain the implications of forcing the closure of open positions.

In the event the client is still interested in closing the account and forcing the closure of open positions, the process of closing open positions will be as follows:

Before the open positions are closed, we will deduct Capital Way’s success fee from the account’s closed positions (account history tab). The percentage of the success fee taken from the account will be in accordance with the type of account owned by the Capital Way client.

Only after Capital Way’s success fee is deducted, we will execute the open positions at a loss.

Third Party Payments

Capital Way Group does not accept or make payments from/to third parties. Please ensure that all deposits and withdrawals to/from your trading account are from/to bank accounts or credit/debit cards in your own name. We accept and make payments to joint bank accounts or credit/debit cards if the trading account holder is one of the parties on the bank account or credit/debit card.